Installation Qualification (IQ)

The customer may request the Installation Qualification, which is free of charge. In case of a request, the Technical Support of from a provider authorized performs this functionality test during the installation.The Installation Qualification is a standardized document that comes as part of the delivery and includes the following:

confirmation of flawless condition at delivery

check if the delivery is complete

certification on the functionality of the device

Operation Qualification (OQ)

The Operation Qualification includes an extensive functionality test according to standard OQ documents. The Operation Qualifica- tion is a standardized document and free of charge. It is not part of the delivery, please contact the Technical Support in case of request.

The Operation Qualification includes the following:

definition of customer requirements and acceptance terms

documentation on device specifications

device functionality check at installation site

روش کالیبراسیون :با ویالهای یه بار مصرف یا همان crm ایتدا دستگاه را برای رسیدن به نقطه -۱۶ نیاز به زمان دارد و بعد از زمان که کاتالوگ اعلام نموده منتظر می مانیم برای هر رنج سه بار تست گرفته میشود ضمنا یاد اوری میگرد محلول شستشو بعد از انجام هر تست باید سنسور دستگاه تمیز گرددمعمولان در هر بار بین ۵ تا ۱۵ میکرو بیتر از محلول را وارد دستگاه می نماییم

300 mOsmol/kg calibration solution

400 mOsmol/kg calibration solution

800 mOsmol/kg calibration solution

2000 mOsmol/kg calibration solution)